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Professional Handshake: Part 1

Professional handshake… say what? Let me explain. What I’m really referring to are professional business portraits. If you are a business professional offering any type of service or product, do you have a picture of yourself on your website or social media page? If so, what exactly does that image of you look like? It is an image that someone quick snapped with a cell phone, or yikes… a selfie? If so, have you ever thought about the message that image portrays?

When I’m checking out businesses for my needs and come across a picture that has bad lighting, and/or bad posing, my first thought is that they must not be very serious, so I move on. Have you done the same? On the flip side, what do you think when you see a professional image? For me, my believability and trust in them significantly increases, and therefore I will more than likely contact them to inquire or just buy from them right away.

So let’s get back to this professional handshake post title. We are the digital age, we have social media that is picture driven and whether you like it or not, it’s not going away. If you are offering a product or service, I’m sure you don’t want to send the wrong message to a prospective client that you didn’t care enough to have a professional portrait, right? Finding customers is a tough business in itself, so why wouldn’t you want to put the best image of you out there. Your image is your first impression and also a warm welcoming handshake to your business. It’s up to you how you want to leave your first impression.

Studio 64 Photography offers over 12 years of education and experience to ensure that you LOVE your portrait! Studio sessions are offered year- around, so don’t wait until it’s summer and you are too busy. Sessions take less than 30 minutes you’ll have your new image in less than 48 hours.

Future post Part 2 will be covering my most asked question… What to Wear?

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