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Business Portraits a.k.a Professional Handshake (Part 2) – What to wear?

Whether you’ve already got a headshot session booked or you’re contemplating having one done, the below guidelines will help you prepare more adequately.

Guideline 1: Wear Clothing That’s Flattering, Modest, and Neutral

There’s a time and a place for that leopard print top or crazy tie, but your headshots will usually require a different aesthetic. Neutral solid colors (blue, gray, black or brown) are the best color choices for both men and women. However, with that being said, for the ladies, you can get a little bolder with your color choices. The best color for ladies is, “whatever color you KNOW you look and feel great in”. Again, just stay away from loud, bold prints.

Make sure your clothing isn’t too revealing, and that your outfit is comfortable and flattering to your figure and complexion. If your dress, shirt, or sport coat is a bit tooo squeezy, it’s time to go shopping for something that fits properly.

Guideline 2: Bring a Second Outfit

You’ll likely want to have some variety in choice when choosing your favorite headshot images, so bring a second outfit to the session.

Guideline 3: Keep Accessories to a Minimum

This is a headshot, so we don’t want to detract from your face. Too much jewelry can lead the eye elsewhere, so it’s best to stick to small and modest pieces if you choose to wear any accessories at all.

Optional” Guideline 4 : Have your Hair/Makeup Done Professionally

If you were looking for an excuse to get a haircut, blowout, or professional makeup, this is it! Not only does handing that responsibility off to someone else reduce your burden on picture day, but it ensures that you look and feel incredible.

For haircuts or colors, this is NOT the time to try a new hairstyle or color, save that for another adventurous time in your life.

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