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I’m LeAnn, a native Minnesnowtan ;), but from the southwest part.

I LOVE warm climates, and I’m a city girl, which is exactly opposite of what my life is like here. I swore I would NEVER wear flannel, but turns out, I kind of like them.

I’m a good dancer, or so I’ve been told, and can be quite the comedian and dork which comes in SUPER handy at my photo shoots.  

Eating plain tortilla shells is a normal snack for me. My husband would not be able to verify this fact.

I LOVE the show COPS!  I’ll even DVR it.  

There’s NOTHING I enjoy more, than spending the evening listening to music and watching the wild life on our pond in the ‘ol Gazebo (nicknamed “The Lounge”), if you catch my drift.

I’d LOVE to answer your questions, so, please feel free to CALL or send me a message through the CONTACT link.